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tv   Your Money  CNN  December 16, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i'm erin burnette reporting live if newtown, connecticut. a community in mourning after a deadly school shooting killed 20 children and six adults, over the next two hours we bring you the latest details on the
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investigation and the victims. and there are also some other major stories that we're following on this sunday afternoon. deb ferrick is live in atlanta and will bring you the developments later in the program. as we arrived here where our cameras are, it's hard not to be moved by what you see in this town. there's one place where you literally see 20 angels in wood. everywhere, there are balloons and flowers and teddy bears and things in honor of victims that it is impossible to imagine. the age and innocence of these victims. today we're learning some new details about the horrendous crime and about these innocent victims' deaths. here's what we know. police say crime scene investigators are wrapping up work in the parking lot of the sandy hook elementary. work continues inside the school, the crime scene. here's what we know about the guns. three of them were found next to the body of the suspected gunman.
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his name of course is adam lanza, 20 years old. officials say one was the primary weapon used and it was a semiautomatic rifle. we have also learned that the 20 children who were killed inside the school were shot multiple times. every single one of them was either six or seven years old. president obama is going to arrive here in newtown this afternoon to try to comfort the victims' families. he's scheduled to arrive here in about an hour and a half. he is going to be meeting with the families and also with the first responders. and after that he's going to be speaking at an interfaith vigil. we're going to be taking that vigil here on cnn live in its entirety. it begins at 7:00 eastern time. we do know the names of the victims today. but we are still learning about who they were, what their lives were like. so short, but no doubt given their age, providing so much joy for those around them. nick valencia is in the cnn news
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room in atlanta. i know the families are starting post pictures of their familich and issue statements. >> some of the families have been very private about their loss. but some really want people to know about their loved ones. the family of jesse arecos -- jessica rekos said this -- jessica loved horses, she spent most of her time devoted to them, watching horse movies, drawing them, reading and writing about them. this christmas she asked santa for new cow girl boots and a cow girl hat. she loved playing, as most little kids do. she loved playing with her little brother travis and her little brother shane. as the first born of the family, her family says she was the rock. and it's difficult to imagine a life without her. it's hard for them, especially
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devastating for that family. and in a statement they said, erin, we are mourning her loss. sharing our beautiful memories we have of her and trying to help her little brother travis understand why he can't play with his best friend any more. jessica rekos was just six years old. erin? >> all right. thanks very much to you, nick. we want to let you know that we do have a live picture right now of marin oe one, the president getting ready to leave the white house and come here to newtown. to visit individually with the family and first responders. and then he will be speaking at a 90-minute vigil. now to the investigation and the latest that we know. police say they are confident that every question involving the crime will be answered. in particular, the why. we are finding out more details about how the alleged gunman got
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into the school. alison kosik joins us with that information. what's the latest that you've learned. >> what we're learning is the push for more information is going on. as far as the atf goes, they're done with tracing the weapons, as far as who owns the weapons. federal agents are chasing the leads, 30 gun ranges, 400 gun dealers. they're trying to figure out what the gunman was doing in the days leading up to this massacre. now i am in the neighborhood where, where, where the gunman used to live with his mother nancy. we're not yet able to confirm whether or not they've closed. whether or not authorities have closed this area as a crime scene. there hasn't been any activity here since early afternoon. what we're learning from 9 governor of connecticut, dan malloy, we're learning how lanza
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got into the school. knowing there were security measures in place at the school. that you had to be buzzed in as of 9:30, buzzed into the building. in fact there were security cameras you could look at the security camera, as to who is looking to come into the school. what the governor is saying that basically this gunman blasted his way in. he, you know, he basically shot an entrance into the builden. erin? >> all right. allison, as you were talking, we saw the president getting on to air force one. we know he's in progress as he waved as he got on. so he's going to be en route to newtown where you and i are. i understand, allison, that you spoke to a man whose children used to go to sandy hook elementary and he's trying to take action to mobilize his neighbors. what did he tell you he's doing. >> his kids went to sandy hook years ago. he feels like a lot of people feel in this town. how do you make sense of this?
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he says some people grieve, what he wants to do is take action. so he's in the process of mobilizing people. he held a meeting today with people try og figure out what to do. as far as emailing their representatives and sending phone calls, trying to get some sort of action all the way up to capitol hill. the hope is to sort of try to find some sort of semblance of a remedy to what's happened here on friday. >> all right, alison kosik, thank you very much. >> allison reporting for us, as she gets more information she'll be back with us. we learned some new information on the timeline. a connecticut newspaper releasing a chilling and extrely detailed timeline of what happened just before the ten minutes of horror on friday. information about the heroes, we haven't heard until now. oh, hey mike. what are you up to? oh, just diagramming this accident with my state farm pocket agent app. you can also get a quote and pay your premium with this thing.
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the hartford "current" newspaper has released a chilling account of the shooting with some very hard to read details, the article has the headline, a methodical massacre, heart and heroics, it goes into great detail about what happened on friday morning. i want to bring in david owen now, he's been reporting at the "current" for 18 years.
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david i want to go through this with you when i was reading this. one of the things that stood out to me the most was after he blasted his way into the school. he could have gone left and he could have gone right and he made a choice. >> he chose to go left. towards the classrooms. and we wish we could understand why. we don't know. >> and there were on the right, there were kids also, classrooms. >> yes. >> auditorium. that was the choice. >> that was the choice he made, towards the first graders. >> tell me about how he got into the school. i know that we know he had shot his way in you know some details about how. >> there were conflicting reports. but our understanding now is that he, he fired his weapon and made a hole in the glass basically and climbed into the school. was not allowed in, forced his way into the school. >> he forced his way in. >> tell me about the first classroom that he reached. that was kaitlyn roig's classroom. we now know about her heroism.
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>> the kids are all hiding, which is such a tribute to these teachers. for some reason he kept going and he went to the second classroom, where lauren was. lauren rousseau, and her 14 kids. that's where he opened fire. >> and i know she tried to save the children. she tried to hide them. and some of them fled out of fear and that's when he saw them. >> i believe that's the next classroom. it was yes, these teachers all were, the evidence shows just heroic in terms of trying to protect those kids. >> in the search of his mother's home, police have found a lot of information. we don't yet know much about it. but you do know how they found his mother, where they found his mother. what can you tell me? >> we know that his mother was stim in bed. she had been shot twice in the
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head. that police secured the house. before that they searched it with a robot out of concern that there may have been booby traps or some other device to trap police. so they used a robot to search the building and the house, and that's become relatively common practice for police, to insure their own safety when going into a place after this event. had two bedrooms where he lived. computers in one and a bed in another. a hard drive had been removed from a computer and smashed. we believe they found other relevant evidence as well. >> what's your understanding about their ability to access the information on the hard drive. >> they're working with computer experts to recover the data that's on that hard drive. >> there was another story i wanted to give you a chance to talk about when i read your article that stood out. and that was in the classroom where one of the teachers had
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tried to put the children in a closet and have the children be as quiet as they could. some of them were and some of them were children that fled. >> tell me about what you understand about what happened in that room. >> the teacher tried to protect the kids again. and had them in a closet. told them to be quiet. the some of the kids fled. and lanza came in and he, he killed the teacher. he killed those kids. but the other kids stayed quiet and they stayed in the closet. and after the police had, after this ended and the police were in there, searching for the building, throughing through this horrible situation. they opened the closet and there were the kids who had survived. >> you wrote that they opened the closet and there were seven pairs of eyes staring. >> yes, my colleagues reported the bulk of the story. they did a great job. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you taking the time to explain it to us and to everyone watching.
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there's so much happening here in newtown. but we want to go back to our headquarters in atlanta and to deb ferrick, she has the news on what we're watching on this sunday. a deal could be closer to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. a source tells cnn that house speaker john boehner is offering to include higher tax rates on people making more than $1 million. the white house is still holding to its $250,000 threshold. unless a deal is reached by january 1st, practically everyone will be hit with a tax increase. and it appears that president obama has tapped massachusetts senator, john kerry as his next secretary of state. a source says the president may make the announcement this week. the 69-year-old senator narrowly lost the presidency in 2004 to president george w. bush. he's charge of the senate foreign relations committee and a decorated veteran of the vietnam war. and egypt's muslim brotherhood declare as narrow victory in the first round of hotly contested
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constitutional referendums. this soenl the first weekend of voting. the rest of the country will be voting next weekend. some claims of voter intimidation and early poll closings. that's what we've got from here. erin, let's go back to you in newtown. >> thank you very much, deb. many newtown residents are seeking comfort in faith. and joining me now is the reverend mark moore, he leads a small congregation in newtown's town center. normally your church has about 20 worshippers. >> we're a tiny little parish, one of two parishes directly in the village of sandy hook. >> what was it like today? >> we had a service yesterday at 12:00 to address this issue. it was packed with people. and even reporters from all over the world were there. australia, russia, italy, france. england, germany. all over the world. following this story. all the major networks were there. you know, cnn was there, of
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course. and so this is an international event. and so the churches have a particular role when something like this happens. that is to help people make some kind of sense of it. when it first happened, everyone, including me was in a state of complete shock. i heard, i'm the same as anyone else, a sense of sickening sense of how could this possibly happen. and you try to wrap your mind around it. and comprehend that you can't, it's just impossible. even the ways that we typically try to understand events like this through psychology and they say the man was disturbed and things like that. he certainly was. but in a war, you can understand the cultural and political tensions like this, for a natural disaster this goes way beyond that. even a very sick mentally ill
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individual, could never just because of that, commit a crime so horrendous. so you're thrown back, on religious concepts, that's the only way to understand it. our faith teaches us there are forces of good and forces of evil at work in a world. and this was a time when the forces of evil were manifest in a very dramatic way. >> how are you helping your parishioners? how do you comfort them? it's one of those situations where you want to tell people it's going to be all right. but of course it isn't going to be all right. >> of course it isn't going to be all right. it's a disservice to say everything is going to be all right. i think the one thing we do is we draw people together so there's a sense of community and caring. and that's the first stage and any kind of healing. because there's a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety that can accompany this. so fact that we're all together
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in a loving community. is very comforting. but beyond that, people ask, you know, trying to make sense of it. how can this possibly happen. so we tried to at the time. remind them of the teachings of the faith. that there is good and evil in the world. but god is completely good, god opposes evil and in the end, god is stronger than the forces of evil. and the forces of evil would be purged from the world. and that is our hope. so we look to god for his, for god's strength, healing, guidance, knowing that god is all-good and all-loving. and that's a very powerful thing. if we don't have that, then it's just senseless mayhem. and there could be no healing from that. just the opposite is more alienation and fear and
12:20 pm
senselessness. and that's something that it's very hard to live with that kind of belief. >> thank you very much, reverend moore. there can be great holes in moments like this when we don't have faith. as the reverend was saying, trying to understand how this could happen is a question for people around the world. we want to look at how a person could carry out such an extreme and unthinkable act of violence. it's hard for anyone to fathom. as memorials are being held around the nation, our next guest will help us make sense out of what could lead a person, a human being, to carry out such an act of gross violence against children. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one.
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authorities are trying to get a more complete picture of the connecticut gunman. what could possibly trigger a
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human being to do what this man did. the suspected shooter was young, he was white, he was male. to help us with some answers, we want to bring in jim clemente. he's a writer for the program, "criminal minds." we appreciate you taking time. we were talking to the reporter from "hartford current" whose article was entitled methodical when he was describing this crime. methodical is a very hard and awful word to use when talking about something like this. when it was preplanned and premeditated. what can cause a person to do this. well. >> well i think in this case it could be anything from psychosis, mental illness to a slow burn. you know and a justice collector. someone who is has built up these angers and rage over years. but in this case, the mix of that mental illness or psychosis, plus the
12:25 pm
suicidal/homicidal ie aal ideat access to semiautomatic weapons was a recipe for disaster. >> adam lanza was no doubt troubled. i was at a pizza parlor with people who new adam and ryan and their mother nancy and talked about him and some of the troubles that he had that she talked about. he was lig with miss mother, his father was remarried. his brother was in new jersey. they didn't have a lot of contact with him. do you think is it fair to say he was perhaps incredibly isolated? do we have enough information to know that? just in terms of interactions with other people at all? >> it seems like from the reports he was fairly isolated. even in public he was very socially inept and didn't interact much with other people. that isolation can help make insular decisions and insular understandings of what they're going through. this kind of thing is a complicate mix of bio, psychoand social.
12:26 pm
>> the genetics loads the gun. the psychology and personality aims the gun and the events in their life pull the trigger. because of all of those things coming together, it's sorts of a perfect storm in this case. >> now, i was talking to some friends of the families were saying this young man had been so intelligent he had graduated high school two years early. this is what they told me and there's been speculation that he had asperger's syndrome which comes with incredibly high intelligence, foms of autism. now several studies of criminal behavior. show that people who are autistic are no lore likely to be criminals than anyone else. are we as people start to talk about the impacts of this disorder, are we off-base? i think first of all, in my experience, i've been involved with criminal justice for 28 years, in my experience, autism and asperger's syndrome have
12:27 pm
only entered freight a few times in that entire period of time. i don't think it is a major contributing factor. other than the fact that it may have been something that helped to isolate him. he may have had psychological undiagnosed psychological problems, mental illnesses. in fact, schizophrenia most of the time shows up in late adolescence, early 20s there are things that obviously could have happened. there needs to be more investigation into his mental status. >> so many questions unanswered today, jim, thank you. a the newtown tragedy has a lot of people asking about how safe their children are and what can be done to make children safer at school. experts say that they could get some help from their cell phones this is serious, we'll look at the latest apps that are designed to help keep very young children safe. ♪ ♪
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we here in newtown, connecticut. a town that is grieving. a country that grieving. for the children and the teachers who were killed here on friday morning. the streets here, there are memorials everywhere. you get a sense of how small and tight this community is just walking down the street and since it's sort of like a bucolic new england town that you would imagine, you think there's no more perfect a place than this. can you tell what would have been the perfect christmas, until this horrific thing happened. we do have some new details about shooting and the investigation, i want to share those with you right now. the latest that we have. there's still so many questions. we that connecticut governor, dan malloy, 20-year-old adam lanza shot his way into the school. there were three guns found next
12:32 pm
to lanza's body. officials say only one of the guns was the primary weapon and that was a semiautomatic rifle. we've learned that the 20 children killed inside the school were shot multiple times. every single one of those children was six or seven years old. the president is coming here tonight. he's on his way to newtown right now. he left just about 15, 20 minutes ago. the president will meet with families of 26 victims who were killed in the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. the second deadliest shooting in american history. the president will speak at an interfaith vigil tonight. the vigil will begin at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll bring it to you live in its entirety. >> the school shooting has renewed the debate about gun control across this country. a contentious debate at any time. but right now, more emotional than ever before. democrats are pushing for tighter gun laws. senator diane feinstein said she's going to propose an assault weapons ban when the
12:33 pm
next congress returns. here she is. >> the purpose of this bill is to get what mayor bloomberg said, weapons of war off the streets of our cities. >> of course the question is, would banning guns stop people from killing people. that's a central question. brianna keilar shows us how the new debate on gun patrol is putting new pressure on barack obama. >> reporter: just hours after the connecticut shooting, a promise from president obama to tackle gun violence. >> we're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. regardless of the politics. >> reporter: but what exactly does he mean by meaningful action? critics of the president's record on the issue are pressing for specific proposals. new york mayor, michael bloomberg said calling for meaningful action is not enough. we need immediate action. we have heard all the rhetoric before. what we have not seen is leadership. not from the white house, and not from congress. gun violence has not been a
12:34 pm
priority for the obama administration as he ran for president in 2008, obama supported reinstating a ban on assault weapons. >> don't tell me we can't uphold the second amendment while keeping ak-47s out of the hands of criminals. >> reporter: once again being he did not make good on his campaign pledge. the brady committee to end gun violence gave the president f's across the board on the report card. congress, even in the democratic-controlled senate, there's been little appetite to touch the controversial issue. multiple gun control bills have been introduced. not a single one has made it to the floor for a vote. those involved in the debate over guns say the president has a number of options. reinstating some form of the assault weapons ban that expired in 1994. banning high-count magazines, or improving the reporting of people with mental health issues to make sure they're
12:35 pm
disqualified from purchasing firearms. polls show americans have become accustomed to daily reports of gun deaths. friday morning, a shooter killed a memphis police officer who was a mother of four. friday night, a man shot and killed a woman working at a las vegas hotel, before killing himself. early saturday morning, in birmingham, alabama, police killed a gunman inside a hospital where three people were hurt. but new york congresswoman, carolyn mccarthy, whose husband died and son was injured when a shooter opened fire on a long island train in 1993, says the connecticut shooting may be what forces president obama and congress, to finally address the problem. >> let's face it. we need to have the president as the bully pulpit. on trying to get something done. this time what i saw was different, that politicians that usually don't talk about it, were talking about it. so there is a difference this time around. there is a difference maybe the
12:36 pm
pendulum is turning and the country is ready to get serious about this issue. >> white house spokesman jay carney said friday, it's the time to express sympathy for victims' families. not the time to engage in a policy debate. but i spoke with congresswoman mccarthy and she said she called up the white house and said, what are you talking about? this is something that we should have been discussing for years. brianna keilar, cnn, the white house. there's a lot happening here in newtown this afternoon. we want to go back to cnn world headquarters in atlanta to update you on the other key stories we're watching this afternoon. deb? well in california, a very frightening incident for shoppers at a mall parking lot in newport beach. [ gunshots ] >> that is the sound of gunfire. a man in the parking lot fires 50 shots in the air yesterday. stores were filled with shoppers. and those stores quickly locked their doors. no one was hit, but one person suffered minor injuries trying
12:37 pm
to get out of the area. the suspect is in custody. police have not given a reason for the shooting. and tomorrow, the state department hands over a detailed report to congress on the attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. secretary of state hillary clinton ordered the review. it precedes a classified briefing for congress on wednesday. secretary clinton will not testify, she suffered a concussion after a fall yesterday. and in london, the duchess of cambridge attends her first public engagement since her pregnancy was announced this month. a spokesman says katherine is appearing at bbc sports personality of the year awards tonight. she was last seen december 6th, leaving the hospital after several days of treatment for acute morning sickness. well phones and mobile devices may not be able to prevent what happened in newtown. but they can be used to help keep kids safe and let parents know when things go wrong. our technology reporter, lori siegel joining us now. lori, with the cell phone, kids
12:38 pm
can at least call 911 or their parents, let them know that they're okay. if they find themselves in situations like what happened in newtown. >> in these situations, they're horrific and technology can't stop this kind of thing from happening. that being said, it can help us connect a lot better in times of tragedy and emergency situations. let me tell you about an app called crime push. essentially a group of entrepreneurin entrepreneurs, have contacted local authorities and school districts, creating an app to help you better connect if something like this happens. i want to take you through exactly how it works. you're looking at right there. essentially it's an app that aggregates emergency school contacts. can you ping students with relevant updates. students would have gotten a push notification saying there's a shooter here. and the next point is it will send you into an active safety shelter. it will send you a push notification saying hey, the gym is safe, try to get there. and they can text law enforcement your gps coordinates. times like these you might not
12:39 pm
be able to pick up the phone, call law enforcement, this enables you to text local law enforcement. shake your phone and call 911. it can be used for collecting evidence, taking pictures, send them to local law enforcement. >> parents want to know where their children are in an emergency and make sure that kids are going in the right direction it may be more challenging for the elementary school kids that we saw obviously. but for high school kids who always have cell phones that could be helpful. what about better ways to connect with your kids? the one thing you want is you want to be able to say okay, where are you? how do we get to help or even give them information. >> you tell your kids, if there's an emergency, call me. but what happens if you don't, you're not by the phone. there's an app called near parent. near parent essentially allows you to connect better with your kids. you're looking at features, look at the check-in, small alert, big alert. all for your kids to connect with you. essentially near parent allows you to create a gps-enabled safe
12:40 pm
zone alert for your child. that means you'll get a push notification if your child goes away from the school or something like that. some people call it overbearing, you look at what's happened in the last couple of days and you think twice. it allows a child to send help alerts to multiple community members. you saw earlier, you can press one button and a push notification goes out to multiple adults. this can be used beyond a tragic event in our emergency. but just in normal parenting. >> absolutely. with kids right now. especially when they're walking around in their town or city, you want to be able to track them. lori siegel, thank you so much. this is really helpful and a lot of parents hoping to keep their kids as safe as possible. know where they are so they can find them when they need. quite frankly, there's no way to explain how you deal with the pain of losing a child in a massacre. but one father is bravely telling the story of his 6-year-old daughter and hoping to begin the healing process, you will hear his powerful
12:41 pm
words, next. this is america.
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the lives of so many families in newtown have been ripped apart. and will never, ever be the same again. no one can ever think or imagine of sending a child off to school whether they're excited or crying to leave you. not seeing that child ever again. as keung law, one family is speaking out about how he and his family are trying to find peace now. >> i don't know how to get through something like this. my wife and i don't understand
12:45 pm
how to process all of this. >> how can you, asks robbie parker, when you lose your 6-year-old daughter. emilie, his bright light. artist with crayons, elder sister to a 3-year-old and 4-year-old. >> she was the type of person that could just light up a room. she -- she always had something kind to say about anybody. and her, her love and the strength that she gave us and the example that she showed us are is remarkable. she is an incredible person. and i'm so blessed to be her dad. >> we're just devastated that someone so beautiful and perfect is no longer going to be in our lives.
12:46 pm
and for no reason. >> but then, just a day after losing this little girl to violence, her 30-year-old father said very simply, i am not angry. >> as we move on from what happened here, what happened to so many people, let it not turn into something that defines us. but something that inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate, and more humble people. the best thing that i can think of to do to move on is to help other people. when you help other people, you feel better about yourself. and the more people help other people, then the more people are blessed. >> the family moved to newtown, from salt lake just eight months ago, because emiliemilie's fatht a job at the local hospital where he cares for newborns. brent keller is the family's
12:47 pm
bishop. >> i don't know how they are coping and dealing as well as they are they are truly strong and faithful people. i think their focus on family and the importance of family in their life is really what is sustaining them and helping them right now. >> you can never stop being the best parent that you can be. you can always be better, you can always be more patient, you can always be more loving and understanding and willing to accept your children for who they are. i really hope that as i continue to be a dad to my two children that i can just, if anybody looks back on my life, the number one thing they can say about me is that i was a great dad. >> keung law, cnn, newtown, connecticut. >> i want to bring in clinical psychologi psychologist. dr. jeff guardier. we're listening to robbie parker, saying things that i know for many people watching, it's hard to imagine the bravely. when he says i'm not angry, i don't want this to be something that defines me, i want it to
12:48 pm
inspire me to be better. a lot of people are feeling angry, very, very angry. how can they begin to get their arms around what has happened to their children. i think what they need to look at, erin is what robbie parker is doing right now, he's being brave, he's being a role model. he's using what we see in psychology as the healthiest way to cope with the tragedy. he's communicating about it. secondly, he is openly grieving and not in denial as some people might still be. third, he's looking at what is most positive about his daughter. the fact that he was blessed, that she had some time on this earth. and he is celebrating that and that is important. we're also looking at the fact that he's using spiritspiritual. you don't have to believe in a god, but there is spirituality,
12:49 pm
a higher power that we give that pain over to, because we can't hand it will as individuals and psychology may not have the answer. >> dr. guardier, what does the town do, such a small and intimate town. and this -- elementary school was such, it was a part of the community. it's going to be there, it's a constant sore and a horrible reminder for people. so, do you get rid of the school? do you never have people go back? do you demolish it? ha do you do? >> i think the most important thing that we can do, again from what robbie parker has done, the idea of taking this tragedy and coming out of it, not just as a survivor, not just as a victim, but really as a victor. what can we learn from this. and how do we move on? how do we celebrate life from this kind of awful tragedy. with the school and i talked about this earlier, no, we don't
12:50 pm
tear it down, they may look at perhaps doing something, changing those classrooms, making them more fortified or changing them from classrooms to another kind of a purpose for a room, because of those horrible memories. but we have to bring children back to the school because we don't want them to develop a phobia around schools, or around their particular school. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, thank you very much. we have a press conference going on with the latest that the police know. >> the last two deceased, the female that was found in the secondary scene location locati yoganada street. the death has been ruled a homicide. the male suspect identified as the shooter at sandy hook elementary school has been positively identified as adam
12:51 pm
lan lanza. his cause was gunshot wound and his death has been ruled a suicide. there have been yes's about the weaponry and i would like to take a minute to discuss with you briefly, very super fishesly, some of the information that can be released at this time. the weapon that was utilized most of the time during this horrific crime was identified as a bush master ar-15 assault-type weap weapon. it had high-capacity magazines inches addition to that the subject had in his possession a is glock, and both had additional magazines and ammunition. the fourth weapon was a shotgun recovered from the suspect's vehicle parked outside of the school. that weaponry that is going, as i said, going to be completely examined in the forensic laboratory. it's going to be historically
12:52 pm
searched so we can attempt to determine every path that those weapons took since they were manufactured, every time that they were used, as much information as possible that we can obtain relative to each and every weapon. the last thing, i would like to restate what we stated this morning, about anyone that harasses, threatens or intimidates or interferes with the investigation, utilizing any social media will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. we are talking about harassment includes in-person contact but also contact on the internet, social media, telephone, any other means of communication. we again are asking and imploring members of the media to please respect the family's
12:53 pm
privacies. we are continuing to staff a trooper as a conduit or a line of communication to assist the families, all 26 families in this incident and will do so per the colonel of state police indefinitely. i will take a couple of questions. again, understanding that there are certain things that we still cannot answer and cannot discuss. >> [ inaudible ] >> there was, in fact, a threat at the st. rose church here in newtown. the church, everything is taken extremely seriously. the church was evacuated as a precaution. it was thoroughly searched, as was the rectory and we have initiated a criminal investigation, working with newton police in this particular incident. i have no further details. i do not know the content of the threat. but suffice it to say we treat these kind of instances as
12:54 pm
serious crimes, they are investigated as such. if the perpetrator of that is identified that individual will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> it was phoned in? can you tell us that? >> who did the phone call come to? >> that is as much information i have on t. >> was it a phone call? can you tell us that? >> yes. >> lieutenant, you talk about the bushmaster was used most of the time. can you give any details as to, first of all, what ben upon nancy lanza was shot with and second of all, did he use the hand guns at all at the school? >> die not note weapon nancy lan za was shot w i simply don't know that the bush master was used, as was explained yesterday, in the school, in its entirety and the handgun was used to take his own life. >> can you tell me about the bullets fired from the bushmaster, any ricochet out of them? >> a trajectory of the shots and all the ammunition used in this horrific crime will be exam mind
12:55 pm
thoroughly reported in the report. i don't have that information. >> [ inaudible ] >> a rifle or also for the -- >> high-capacity magazine for the rifle and multiple magazines for the rifle and multiple magazines for both hand guns. >> lieutenant, is there [ inaudible ]. >> i don't want to state that i'm sure they did everything they could i don't want to get into that specific detail at that time. >> [ inaudible ] >> motive, as i discussed earlier, that will come as we finish the investigation. we simply can't piecemeal it. we don't have a specific reason we can stand here and say this
12:56 pm
occurred. we will and we are searching diligently and non-stop to attempt to answer that question. >> did the shooter take his own life as police were coming -- >> the timeline is being established by investigators, the best i can do with that. >> may we ask a point of clarification? >> you can, sir. >> talk about the -- [ inaudible ] newtown schools remain closed [ inaudible ]. >> yeah go ahead. >> we are still working with the superintendent of schools to do what's best obviously, it's an emotional time. the plan is still up in the air, finalizing the plans and get that information out to you as soon as possible. >> safe to say the newtown schools will remain closed for this week? >> as i said it is still to be determined. yeah. >> do we know how many shots were fired yet? >> that's impossible to say. we do know how many rounds we recovered dork know how many shell casings recovered, i don't have that information to give
12:57 pm
out publicly just yet. i would be speculating and guessing. >> how many magazines were empty? >> numerous -- again, that's all investigatory information that i'm not privy to. i simply don't have that to give you. >> many. many. hundreds. >> [ inaudible ] >> correct. correct. sir? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i don't know that. i don't know that. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no the president of the united states is attending a memorial service tonight and he is coming to the town of newtown. >> what is the security and access like for that? [ inaudible ] >> yeah the again, we don't discuss the security four the president of the united states. suffice it to say that significant security will be in place as is always the case when the president makes a visit anywhere. >> a timeframe for ms. lanza's death been established? >> no, sir. no, sir. >> no time at all?
12:58 pm
>> no timeframe has been determined. >> who's invited to the memorial? >> yes, sir. >> are you making progress you feel in determining the motive? >> certainly, we are pleased with the work that's been done so far. hopefully that helps answer that question. we are pleased with the progress that we are making. this is a very long, tedious process, which i've stated. it's going to take many, many man hours, okay, to attempt to draw this picture together, to put this puzzle together. the minute we have it, our objective here is to make sure you, you be the members of the public, receive that information as quickly and officially as possible. to state right now we have a motive, we have a motive we are prepared to discuss publicly, it just cannot happen do not have that information. >> any detail about the teacher who saved the children by putting you the children into a closet? >> again, i don't want to scum the crime scene at all.
12:59 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. >> we did seize a great deal of evidence, our detectives executed numerous warrants in this case we do not detail the content of what we seize in any criminal investigation. i can tell that you we were successful in seizing a great deal of evidence in this investigation. all that evidence, every stitch of it needs to be analyzed and it will be, whether it's at our forensic laboratory or by specialists within our department or other departments, as time goes on. we anticipate this is going to be the last discussion today. with the president coming in, we have a deal on our plate. if anything additional should surface between now and tomorrow morning, okay, we will post it on our website you on the state police website but we do not anticipate anything of a public nature to arrive. should it arise i suggest check our website on a regular basis. we will come back tomorrow morning, we will be here by, shoot for 9:00, we want to keep you updated as much as we


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